15 February 2014

No Pills For Me, Thanks.

I recently stumbled across a subreddit called "TheRedPill" and I am a little saddened by it. I've long been aware of pick-up artist logic, anti-feminism, and general alpha-male mentality, so this community's existence is not surprising. What's so sad about it is that it represents a portion of the population whose first reaction to the illusion of being marginalized is to push back in the opposite direction. They call this adaptation, but what they're really doing is painting themselves in with every other movement that fought social change to the bitter end.

To summarize The Red Pill, it's basically a bunch of men huddling together and complaining about how women are by nature incompetent and should not be trusted with any responsibility or authority. This also means that they view women, not as individuals, but as naive, manipulable creatures who inconveniently just happen to be holding the one thing they need them for - sex - at arm's length. They collude on how to raise their sexual market value. They laugh at hapless women who attempt to use sex for empowerment, but actually just stumble into the trap they set.

You can't blame these men for feeling marginalized, since fear and defensiveness is the typical reaction of someone who has very little empathetic ability or intelligence (not to be mistaken with the ability to read and write). They don't know what being the marginalized sex actually feels like, so the first time they realize that getting what they want out of life is sort of difficult, they devise an oppressive enemy (feminism) that's holding them back and rally the troops. They never stop to consider that maybe it's they who need to change.

This isn't to say that there aren't certain cultural truths that make sex difficult to obtain for some more than others. In the USA, being a rich, attractive, white (for those who aren't white, call this "white-acting") male will almost certainly guarantee you all of the sex you'd ever want. If you aren't there yet, increase your value in those areas and you'll probably see an improved response from the opposite sex. However, there are two missing factors in this equation that Red Pillers keep leaving out, possibly because they are deficient in them. Those factors would be intelligence and individuality. It seems to me that if your sole goal in life is to bed vulnerable and uninteresting women, then the Red Pill philosophy sounds like the perfect feedback loop.

Since happiness is variable and subjective, I'm not going to say that they're not happy doing this. What I would like to accomplish with this post is to establish that they're simply wrong about their motivations. If they were to admit that jocking around and fucking women is what makes them happy, I wouldn't have a problem with them. The issue arises when they justify their motivations by denigrating women and the men who support them by making fallacious claims and thumping their chests about it. Own up to it, Red Pillers, and you're off the hook.

For the record, I would not call myself a feminist. I guess it's more due to the stigma of the word and the implication that I'm somehow claiming that women are superior. I know that many people would not ascribe that definition to the term, but I'm going to just leave it be and say that I think everyone is an individual and should be evaluated on their own merits. On a large scale, women certainly trend toward various ends of various spectra, but that doesn't mean that every single one of them can be nailed down by a simplistic view. My mother, for example, is both emotional and logical. While I've read that Red Pillers defiantly detest a woman's voice in the matters of financial management and logical discussion, my mother has been in charge of her household's finances for as long as I can remember and she has done a wonderful job. She identifies as an engineer and she manages logistics of production as her job. She's just one example of where the Red Pill preconception has been so utterly wrong.

I suppose what irks me the most is that they let each other get away with making outrageous generalizations that crumble to pieces the moment you meet a woman with any intelligence. Nobody is there trying to keep the conversation from disintegrating into a puddle of oozing retardation. There are dumb women out there, true, as there are dumb men. Where they intersect, we call this The Red Pill. For the rest of us in Intelligent And Individual Land, the economics of the Red Pill sexual market value break down when exposed to multitudes of individual case studies.

I'm a white male who has been relatively lucky to have a roof over his head throughout his life, so for the sake of fair comparison, I won't begin to suggest that men of different races and financial backgrounds could replicate my results. However, as a resident of New York City for over 9 years, I have it on good authority that there are places and communities in this world that are color-blind and socio-economic-status-blind. In fact, if you're not whitewashed, even better. If you're bitter because you were born into the wrong situation, maybe you should change your neighborhood - if you're able. If you're not able, it still doesn't give you license to say shit about women that simply isn't true.

When I compare myself to other men, I see huge differences. I've always been skinny and rather awkward. I've never been very socially aggressive either. A Red Piller would sooner blame the feminists for taking away my masculinity and tell me that I need to counter-act their voodoo by being, essentially, a dickhead. I never saw it that way. Instead of trying to transform into the same piece of meat that was diverting the gazes away from me, I invested in my strengths, which are intelligence, humor, and individuality. You'll have to take my word for it, but it's paid off, and I happen to have some amazing women in my life as a result.

According to my sexual market value (SMV), I should be reading the ForeverAlone subreddit instead. But, like many claims that don't bother to consult reality before being disseminated, it's a good thing The Red Pill philosophy is absolute garbage.